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The latest news and fun straight from Holiday World & Splashin' Safari theme park and water park in Santa Claus, Indiana! #HoWoPo

Sep 29, 2017

It's all things Halloween on this episode of Holiday World's podcast, plus memories of Will's Colbert Report interview, and our original roller coaster from Santa Claus Land days. Recorded 9/29/17 #HoWoPo

Hosted by: Paula Werne, Matt Eckert, Lauren Crosby, Leah Koch & Eric Rentz

00:00 – Intro and Welcome the #PodSquad
09:22 – HoWo History
20:19 - Halloween
25:43 - Treats
38:59 - Important ACE Info
36:53 - Sweepstakes, Take 2
40:33 - Believe in Santa Claus
45:45 - Matt-gazine Article
48:45 - Congratulations Are In Order
1:00:10 - Upcoming Holidays
1:10:49 - #HoWoPo Feedback
1:36:58 – 33 Degrees of Separation

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